Based in Siglufjörður, a picturesque fishing town in Northern Iceland,
Benecta is the result of over 10 years research and development by
our biotech team into the use and benefits of crustacean derived
short chain chitosan. As a company we take pride in being hardworking,
down to earth and helpful to one another, and like our local community
we believe in working in harmony with nature. In many ways the concept
of Benecta is a product of both the geography and the
mentality of Siglufjörður.


As a company we believe passionately that the quality of your life
needn’t be compromised or determined by your ‘age’. We think it is
time to reframe the narrative around getting older. Free ourselves from
the outdated, prescriptive ideas of how ‘older people’ should behave.
We don’t intend to retreat into old age quietly, and we don’t expect
our customers to either.


All of our production processes are designed to ensure the highest
product quality and are based on GMP standards. Our policy when it
comes to production is to deliver greater value to the local society with
less input, using resources in a sustainable way while minimizing
environmental impact.

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